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Bring Home the Tradition of Music and Art

NineArtsLessons is a family-run and community driven music school specializing in high quality lessons from professionally trained artists, writers, musicians and music teachers, in the comfort of your own home!

We know how hard it is to juggle school, work, and commuting between different activities, which is why lessons at home are so convenient and time saving. We customize lessons to student needs and goals. More importantly, bringing music and art into the home welcomes learning, creativity, collaboration, and in the best cases, some new traditions!

We also offer lessons for those who are looking to get out and expand their music and arts community. Check out our new programs at the Surfside Community Center and Skatebird Miami.

Email for more information,

or call us directly at (954) 682-8742 for more info

NineArts Lessons serves communities all over South Florida, all ages and all levels!

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